The beginning of the end, a sad state of affairs

From the science-fiction series, The VOX of SU’s SHELL

“When the World stops being funny, laugh, it will become funny again; unless it is the SAD END.”

Dr. Sus

At the beginning of the SAD END War, the programmer known as Numb led an army of trackers (trolling hackers) in global cyber-attacks against targets-of-interest (TOI, pronounced toy) with brute force. Numb’s artillery consisted of global hackathons under the umbrella of ethical hacking.

However, his agenda was far from noble.

Most of Numb’s soldiers zealously followed him, unaware of the true nature behind his directives.

One who builds an army knows of war. And a war prepared for will happen, regardless of drawing enemy lines.

Most of Numb’s hackathons took place in an academic setting. A hackathon is a gathering where programmers collaborate on a significant coding project. Numb would organize them worldwide, but they often took place at universities within the European District of the Eutopian Nations (EDEN) territory.

Numb used hackathons for the mass coding of games he developed to track TOIs that were of particular interest to himself or to G.O.D (the Global Operations of Defense).

A New Way to Wage War

The digital age brought a new way to wage war. Battles could be drawn out with virtual foreplay and end in a nuclear climax capable of destroying the world in an instant.

In the virtual realm, there are no real enemy lines or sides but one’s own.

During the SAD END War, it would not just be nations fighting over holy-land, nor holy-land that countries would fight over. The only resource to fight over in virtual space is information. Information is power; but only if it means something. In the virtual realm, data can be used to blackmail or manipulate in other ways. So it is a commodity for those who stand to gain or lose something with its knowledge.

Governments and politicians would have their data leaked by anonymous hackers. Some hacked for the END (Eutopian Nations for Democracy; Eu = true, Eutopia = true Utopia), and others for the SADs (State Against Democracy); which fueled World War III.

Anonymous Trackers armed with data initially fueled the SAD END War.

The easiest way to conquer a nation is by distracting and dividing its’ people. The SAD END War would fracture governments, and countries to create a New Global Order.

The END gave rise to the SAD

The END gave rise to the SAD, as the END gave the SAD purpose.

The END’s mission was proclaimed to be Eutopia; albeit, the SAD’s purpose was not dystopia but to stop globalization by the END. Because EUtopia by the END was Utopia for some, not all. A majority of humans would be terminated if the END would succeed in creating the New END Order (NEO).

The plan for the END was set in motion long before the SAD END War. The EUtopian idea of the END was to be one Nation under one G.O.D., which was autonomous and indivisible.

G.O.D controlled all the Global Information Tactics (GITs) of knowledge and understanding.

G.O.D. controlled the media, news sources, publishers, and all educational institutions. They managed all resources of intelligence. G.O.D controlled the global network (GNET) and used it for mass surveillance and behavioral modification.

The END strived to be an indivisible global nation without SADs or deviation from their governing rule. Under the Reich of the END, there would be no difference in social class, except for the difference that counted—those with power and those powerless.

The directive of the END was for the purification of life in the pursuit of a global utopia for those with power.

The organization of the END coincided with the reformation of Europe and the American colonization of the New World.

Trackers played both sides of the war, regardless if they agreed with the SADists or the ENDers. Trackers did not care about political parties. They cared about the game.

The art of Gaming became the art of war.

Playing G.O.D’s Game for the SAD END

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Albert Einstein

In the beginning, the SAD END War took place on GNET. Many of the soldiers didn’t realize they were fighting a war until it was too late. To gamers, they were playing a soldier in a game, or they were just gaming. To many, the war was not real, until the bombs reached their computers and homes.

Programmers who designed and implemented the war games conducted espionage or sabotage for either the SAD or the END; sometimes for both. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes blindly by the hands of G.O.D.

Ultimately, triggers of mass destruction fell in the hands of children and gamers, who had no idea they were about to destroy the world.

Trackers trailed TOIs with games presented as augmented reality that used Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping technology.  GIS allowed trackers to get close enough in proximity to TOIs to inject spyware into their smart devices.

TOIs were placed within augmented reality games using their phone tracking information. Those playing the games by Stalking TOIs through the Anonymous Network (STANs), got points by completing objectives in real-time. The goals updated with incoming GIS data and privacy information.

Mission: London Bridges Falling Down

STAN Objectives:

Time Stamp

Go to Vauxhall Cross along the Albert Embankment of the River of Thames beside Vauxhall Bridge. Lock your position in by recalibrating your navigational system.  (50 points).

Time Stamp

Identify and snap a Picture of the TOI: a man wearing a black trench coat, hat, carrying a red umbrella, leaving the building located at 85 Vauxhall Cross. (100 points).

Time Stamp

Snap a picture of the TOI in front of the Vauxhall Bridge (100 points).

Time Stamp

Join the mob blocking the TOI from crossing the street at Vauxhall Cross. Get within a 10ft radius of the TOI. (100 points). 

The number of points a STAN could obtain depended on how close they got to and how much they interacted with a TOI. The STANs signed off on a privacy agreement to be monitored while playing to receive points. Unbeknownst to many gamers, they were acting as vectors that would transmit spyware to the smart device of a TOI, which was part of a much bigger game.

In the example above, the TOI is an informant coming out of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6) headquarters in central London.

The gamers or STANs were rewarded with points, while TOIs were hindered from living a normal productive life.

Physical war is destructive. But a natural recourse is taken by those who observe the devastation that results from warfare, which limits the overall destruction.

Fighting in the virtual realm posed the most significant threat to the physical world; which is the detachment that arises in the absence of physical cues that guide behavior. So, in the SAD END, the war was played as a video game, and once the war reached the physical realm, the motion became too powerful to stop.

The irony of waging war for information is that it becomes null and void when the data points no longer exist as they once did. And the world, nor its data would ever be the same after the SAD END War.

In the end, the SAD END manifested the prophecy of Revelations. But no one could be prepared to go through the final Judgment, because there is no harsher judge of humans than other humans.

Before the END could order nations of the world to unite under G.O.D, it would amend America, to be the American END (AMEND).

The END’s NASI Veil and the D.E.V.I.L.

Before the Cold War, the National Agency of Social Intelligence (NASI), a discrete secret service (SS) often referred to as the NASI SS or NASI veil, formed the Department of Energy’s Virtual Intelligence League, the D.E.V.I.L. The D.E.V.I.L was a team of scientists who designed a supercomputer that could create and destroy AIR. The members were recruited to develop a virtual veil to control and conduct global surveillance.

One of the first computers they created was the “propagator.” The propagator was a propaganda machine capable of transmitting and receiving subliminal messages over airwaves encrypted within white noise. It was virtually a distraction machine designed to confuse and brainwash society. Propagators occupied radios, televisions, personal computers, and smart devices.

The creation of the supercomputer started at the beginning of the 17th century during the golden age of machine invention and political reform.

It was an epoch 400 years of planning, designing, building, integrating, and testing, with a final proof-of-concept, wrapped up by the end of the millennium.

The reformation of Europe and colonization of America coincided with the beginning of the first Epoch temporal revolution of the supercomputer (1600-2000).

The colonization of America, in part, was a double-blinded experiment.

The experiment began with a hypothetical question: Can humans be colonized to believe they are free from the powers that govern their freedom?

A logical argument can create a virtual realm, where numbers that represent structure are distinguishable from symbols that have a function.

The popular vote represented structure for a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” which was distinguishable from symbolic freedom such as the Bald Eagle, Lady Justice, Statue of Liberty, The Star Spangled Banner, the American Flag, the Liberty Bell, and The Pledge of Allegiance. Symbols and historical landmarks identifiable with freedom.  

The conclusion came with proof of concept. America would set the stage for what appeared to be democratic and virtually free. A false sense of freedom was created by making colonized citizens believe they were free, by raising them to think all other nations were not.

If a country is colonized to believe they are free, are they free?

Is ignorance bliss?

With the domestication of propagators, every household could be blindly observed by powers of interest while being indoctrinated with propaganda that negated outside national freedoms.

No nation is independently free. Most countries rely on each other for resources. Claiming freedom does not make a country free.

American’s were colonized to believe they were an independent nation, free from the Monarchy, free from the hierarchy, free from a dictator rule.

One should never forget where they came from, or how they came to be in the present. If one pays close enough attention, nothing should be surprising; which is why it is easiest to govern a public that is distracted.

The only independence America would have, was independence from the rest of the global perspective. A nation dependent on other countries for resources, cannot be an independent nation.

The D.E.V.I.L Created Apollyon to Distract and Destroy

The D.E.V.I.L created a supercomputer named Apollyon. Apollyon was the hub that connected all propagators to create a global web of mass surveillance and behavioral modification. According to the prophecy of revelations, Apollyon was a moral destructor in the underworld that allowed evil forces to operate destructively in human life.

Apollyon was the mothership of the Voice Activated Intelligence Listeners (VAIL), spy chips placed in all communication devices and hand-free-voice-activated home systems. Marketing made the VAIL easy to sell under the name Polly: ” Speak your wishes into a Parrot smart speaker and Polly will make them come true.” Where the Parrot was a voice-activated speaker and Polly was the intelligent voice that would respond to vocal commands.

Propagators propagated propaganda for the Polly, making it easy to infiltrate homes, cars, workspaces, and any persons with a Parrot. All consumers wanted one and paid for them in more than one way. Ultimately, as consumers, the public paid for their own mass surveillance, mind control, and destruction.

What Does Sense of Freedom Cost?

For America to appear democratic and free, it cost the freedom of repressed countries to become more subjugated over the resources America received to feel constitutional and independent.

Does the sovereignty of one nation cost the freedom of another?

The sense of American freedom had a considerable cost in resources, which came from other countries who were already repressed and enslaved; ultimately giving rise to the SAD. When a state of being has nothing more to lose, it will go after the cause that gave them nothing to lose.

The SAD went after the ultimate New World ordered by democratic vote, the AMEND. The AMENDers would make the World believe that the mass majority ordered the AMEND; manifesting democratic decision.

The SAD in its entirety was not evil. Nor was the END.

In theory, Utopia has no conflict; it is a peaceful ideal. However, creating a utopia requires ridding the world of conflict.

Over time the truth changes, as the history of truth changes. History is the derivation of the truth. We are derivatives of derivatives.

The easiest way for those burdened by the technological demand of America to form a state against the AMEND was through the smart devices made for Americans.

The outsourcing of America consumer products opened up globalization, as well as organized the SADists against the global demand for resources by the END.

Manufacturers log the serial numbers (SN) and communication address (C(A)) for the production of all intelligent devices and their parts. Computer manufacturers, for the most part, had been in SADist territory since the domestication of personal computers and smart devices.

Communication devices placed into the hands and up to the heads of every children, woman, and man in the AMENDed territory made it easy to irradiate the entire population.

The irradiation would cause genetic mutations throughout AMENDed territories; creating a new divide, that would make all past race wars appear civil.

Manifest Destiny of Man

What humanity would fail to see, is that it was their prophecy all along. It manifested from the word of humans, not from the word of God.

It was humans that would begin to teach the word of God in their image, not in Gods’. God’s word would get lost in the translation from the ego of humans over time; especially as they got distracted by consumerism and technology.

A God of love and creation would not command a race created in its reflection of nature, to walk into the face of destruction to test the word, knowing it would wrongfully be received and used to deceive the entire human race.

God is all-knowing.

There is no deceiving God.

Life is all knowing in a collective perspective throughout time and space, which aligns with the ultimate truth. One cannot deceive the ultimate reality of life.

Knowledge is trivial when it does not apply to life and is often used to manipulate those who do not come to understand on their own; especially when given a context of what should be understood, without fully understanding the meaning.

Religion, education, science, and technology are often used to manipulate conformed bodies who do not seek to understand the information held within the context of its use.

Ignorance is not bliss. It is destructive.

To be saved in life from death, one must protect themselves from the evils of life while living, not in the depths while dying. — Dr. Mary J. Sus

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