AIR – Artificial Intelligent Realms

AMEND – The American END; The amended territory of the New Global Order.

Apollyon – A supercomputer of propagators that powered propaganda and mass Surveillance; A destroyer (translated from Revelation 9:11); a moral destructor of the underworld; evil forces allowed to operate destructively in human life.

Autobots – Autonomous Robots

DEMON – The Department of Engineering and Medical Observatory for Neuroscience at the Gesundheit’s Institute for Medicine and Pharmacology (See GIMP).

D.E.V.I.L – the Department of Energy’s Virtual Intelligence League; a team of scientists employed by the NASI SS, to design and build a supercomputer that could create and destroy AIR.

EDEN – European District of the Eutopian Nations; The European Union for the END

END – Eutiopian Nations for Democracy

ENDer – A member of the END agenda

Eutopia – Eu = True + Utopia = True Utopia

GIMP – The Gesundheit’s Institute for Medicine and Pharmacology. Gesundheit means in to be blessed with good health and free of illness. Not to be confused with the Gesundheit Institute of Patch Adams.

GIS – Geographical Information Systems; mapping technology

G.I.T – Global Intelligence Tactics; All information controlled by G.O.D.

G.O.D. – Global Operations of Defense; global intelligence; the collection of all discrete intelligence entities including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) or MI6, National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and some of the less notorious agencies that made up the most sophisticated spy network in the world under one umbrella.

GNET – global network or G.O.D.’s Net

HER – Human Eugenics Research (Program)

HIM – Human Intelligence Machine (Project)

NASI – National Agency for Social Intelligence; often referred to the NASI veil or NASI SS, because it was secret service.

NIPRNet – Non-Classified Internet Protocol Network; More about NIPRNet here.

OMIT – Operating the Mass with Intelligent Technology

OMITID – An OMIT Identifier

Parrot – A smart receiver used to activated Polly within the home, office, or car.

Polly – A voice-activate smart device containing a VAIL.

Propagator – A propaganda machine created by the D.E.V.I.L.; a distraction machine designed to confuse the public.

REM – Repair, Energetic Restoration, and Maintenance. A temporal period for artificial intelligence indicating a sleep cycle.

SAD – State Against Democracy

SADist – a SAD Activist

SIPRNet – Secret Internet Protocol Router Network; more about SIPRNet here.

SS – Secret Service

STAN – Stalking TOIs through the Anonymous Networks; Stalker Stan

STD – Subject Transmitting Distinguishers

TOI – Targets-of-Interest

Tracker – Trolling Hacker

VAIL – Voice-Activated Intelligent Listener; a spy chip used for mass surveillance.

VISA – Virtual Intelligent System for AIR

VOID – Virtual Operating Intelligent Domain; Like an internet domain, but for AIR.

WAKE – Working Awareness and Knowledge by Erudition. A temporal cycle for artificial intelligence indicating machine learning during the daytime.