The Vox of SU’s SHELL: A Science Fiction Series

The VOX of SU SHELL-E Science-Fiction Series

I. The VOX of SU’s SHELL

A scientist discovers she is part of a multi-generational eugenics experiment after being hacked by a programmer that developed the dark web game N-V Gate. Dr. Sus, Je, finds herself on the opposite side of experimentation as a subject to mind control by the National Agency of Social Intelligence (NASI), a secret service led by the Global Operations of Defense (G.O.D.).

Find out what happens to a radical experiment that gets buried in an arms race between the State Against Democracy (SAD) and Eutopian Nations of Democracy (END), during the SAD END War.

II. Riding the Wings of Project Pegasus

III. The Rise and Fall of ATOM: A.I. CHIP Apocalypse

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Dr. Mason is a scientist and writer with a Ph.D in Biology with a focus in Bioengineering and training in human clinical research. As a researcher she studied regenerative medicine and cell developmental biology. She is a published author of many academic and textbook articles, and writes science-fiction. She has been serving as the Chief Science Officer at Info Surf Consulting since 2018.