The Latchkey Kids of Los Angeles

From the Science Fictional Biography, The VOX of SU’s SHELL

Latchkey Kid: A kid raised with little parental supervision; a kid who holds the key to the latch of an unsupervised home [latch-key].

Latchkey kids of generation(s) X, XY, and Y gave rise to GenZ, the GNET natives; kids virtually raised in G.O.D’s veil of surveillance. In the good old days of the Millennial XY, when G.O.D was still governing from the shadows and California a state, there was the freedom of the Latchkeys who never knew when their parents would be home. They ran free without smart devices and homes without Parroting Pollies. Kids played outside until it was dark, and their parents didn’t worry as much about where they might be.

Je and Che grew up in California’s City of Angels, between Leo Carrillo and Crystal Cove. Both Pilar and Albert Mendel worked in Hollywood.

The Mendel twins grew up in a spiritual home. Their father, Albert, was a minister before the twins were born; but left the church after their twin brothers disappeared from the hospital. Even though the Mendel family did not attend church regularly, Je always had a profound sense of religious guilt. Je could never live up to her moral code. She had a habit of making rules for herself that were impossible to follow. So she continuously disappointed herself.

Je punished herself when she broke any of her decrees, even if they were silly and pointless. One-time Je didn’t eat for two days because she ate an unblessed cookie after meeting a Jewish relative and decided only to eat kosher. She wasn’t even Jewish.

The problem with Je was, she felt with her heart and lived in her mind, so she rationalized decisions and often went against her intuition.

With all the hats we wear in life, as a daughter or son, sister or brother, mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, boss or employee, teacher or student, friend or foe, the answers we are asked in life, situationally change. The role we play may depend on the positions of others. The parts we play with our friends can be drastically different from the roles we play with our parents. Je struggled with every role she played, as they seemed to bring on different sets of moral dilemmas.

With their parents working in Hollywood, often from dawn-to-dusk, the Mendel girls were unsupervised for a good part of their childhood. They were an epitome of the Latchkey kids of Los Angeles.

The Auld Lang Syne of the Good Ol’ Gene

The Mendel’s were highly intelligent artists.

When Albert left the ministry, he became a professor of philosophy at UCLA by day and played the guitar in a rock band on and off the Sunset Strip by night. Meanwhile, Pilar painted by day and worked as a tattoo artist by night.

They lived double lives.

They lived separate lives.

They worked as though they were being chased by ghosts of the past; because they were.

It was an arranged marriage of sorts. It wasn’t the pre-arranged marriage of the days of dowry per se, but the Auld Lang Syne of the good old gene. The NASI’s HER program genetically matched the couple.

Of course, the couple did not know they were part of an arrangement. But for the most part, humans know their truth. Even when the fact remains untold; some people are just better at ignoring it.

It was Albert and Pilar’s parents that introduced the couple just before they turned 18. Their fathers were Navy veterans and Freemasons. Mr. Page and Mr. Mendel met at a Masonic lodge and became friends over their love of fishing. The families began taking fishing trips shortly after they met at a Masonic lodge.

The NASI were Masters of Social Engineering and could design any dalliance, by placing individuals together at the right place and the right time. NASI operatives were behind the scenes guiding the behaviors of both parents and children, to ensure the match was successful.

Regardless of how they met, Albert Mendel and Pilar Page was a handsome and talented couple; and, the match was genetically favorable.

They did not just give birth to an extraordinary litter; their brood was smart and talented.

Je and Che could pick up any stringed instrument and play by ear. Je excelled at mathematics and science and wrote her first poem before she started school. As a portrait artist, Je could draw a face in the crowd with a burnt piece of wood from a bonfire. Che was a painter and grew up to be a world-renowned artist known for her spiritually guided paintings and tattoo art.

Like their parents, the Mendel girls excelled in art, music, and education.

No matter what they did, the twins seemed to do it well, which made them quickly liked by those who were comfortable with themselves and hated by those who weren’t.

There was never a time when Je didn’t feel misunderstood.

The older the kids got, the more Albert and Pilar worked at being away from home and from each other. As they worked harder and harder at establishing themselves in their careers, they became less and less in love.

They had enough money; their devotion to working was not to make ends meet. It was a way to end their means as a pro-genetic host for a multi-generational eugenic experiment.

Paranoid Angel

Like all Latchkey Kids of the ’90s in the City of Angels, Je, and her sisters grew up too fast.

As their parents fell apart, the girls fell apart.

After Pilar had performed a series of disappearing acts and Albert had a couple of stints in rehab, they parted ways.

It was not an amicable separation.

Albert headed for the Crystal Cove, while Pilar took the girls to Hollywood.

With Pilar rarely around, the girls were left to raise themselves at the dangerous age of thirteen.

Pilar continued her disappearing acts after Albert’s departure. When she wasn’t absent, she appeared to be resurfacing from a rabbit hole. She would often rant about G.O.D. spying on her; which during the time sounded crazy because G.O.D. was not yet the notorious G. O. D.

Once G.O.D unified and became incumbent of the END, Pilar’s diatribes became prophetic.

Pilar would talk about the fallen angels and demons of Los Angeles. She became fearful of her boss, Amon, of Amon’s Angels Tattoo Shop. Pilar believed he was the physical manifestation of the Fallen Angel, Amon.

The demonology of Amon follows that he is a Marquis of Hell, who governs the legions of the inferno.

Pilar may have been right or wrong, or both. Amon was a demon of destruction, whether he was an actual demon of hell.

Pilar appeared paranoid because she was paranoid.

The girls assumed she was on drugs, as did everyone in Pilar’s circle of friends and family, in part because she was on drugs.

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Drug Aware

It was the 90’s in Los Angeles, speed and acid were on every street corner.

Je’s family wouldn’t be the first family to fall apart from drugs in the City of Angels. Drugs ran rampant throughout the west coast. It was the driving force behind the D.A.R.E. program.

D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off of Drugs.

D.A.R.E. stood for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

It was a program that was implemented during Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign in the ’80s.

Ironically, Je and Che did not know much about drugs until a D.A.R.E. officer started coming into their elementary school to talk about drugs.

In 5th grade, Officer Bristol introduced Je to speed and crystal and shared a grim story about a suicidal man high on methamphetamines. She recalls Officer Bristol telling the class about how he witnessed a man high on drugs slit his wrists and quickly pump the blood out of the self-inflicted wounds all over the police that responded to the emergency call.

Je was nine.


She had known little of death and drugs up until that point.

She was not even aware that people committed suicide before the D.A.R.E. officer came to pass the knowledge onto the young impressionable minds of the elementary school kids.

Within one afternoon the D.A.R.E. program introduced the kids to drugs and suicidal tendencies.

Where once Je had known Suicidal Tendencies as a punk rock band that sang “Feeding the Addiction,” “Suicides an Alternative,” “Children of the Bored” and “Fascist Pig;” a fascist pig had taught the children of the bored that suicides an alternative to feeding the addiction to drugs.

Mom: “So what did you learn today at school honey?” 

Kid: “I learned about crystal meth and suicide!”

Je’s introduction to the drug experience occurred shortly after the installation of the D.A.R.E. program. The twins experienced drugs for the first time through a family that knew Pilar’s old boss Amon. No story told by a D.A.R.E. officer could prepare a kid to “Just Say No” to a drug pushing fallen angel that rode with the devil in a motorcycle club.

Amon Angel knew Andras Spector. Andras Spector worked for G.O.D. before G.O.D. was G.O.D, and G.O.D was the CIA. Andras Spector fell out of favor by the intelligence community when his family had fallen into drugs in the depths of Los Angeles.

Amy Spector, Andras Spector’s daughter, was the same age as the Mendel twins. Amy would pit fights against Je and Che and act as a destructive force to their relationship and wellbeing.

Amy was a fallen angel of destruction. She brought hellfire to all her entanglements.

She would steal, drink, have sex, and do drugs by the age of thirteen. Je and Che would have never thought about doing some of the things Amy got them to do. Amy bullied them if they didn’t partake in the destructive behavior.

After both Je and Che woke up to Amy’s brother Samael molesting them, they vowed never to hang out with Amy or the Spector family ever again.

Meeting Buddha

Je and Che had spiritual allies they met during the falling of their family.

Mamet and Mei Gautama were Buddhists and taught Je and Che how to channel their energy more productively.

Mamet was from India and Mei was from Japan. They met in Tibet at a meditation retreat and moved to Hollywood to open a Buddhist temple.

The Guatamas lived in the same neighborhood as the twins and would come and check on them when Pilar disappeared for an extended period. They would bring them food and care packages.

The Guatamas genuinely cared for the twins and thought of them as their own. They did not have children of their own and enjoyed ministering to the girls.

They introduced the twins to Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana refers to the path of the Bodhisattva Vehicle seeking enlightenment for the welfare of sentient beings.

“We do not have to be ashamed of what we are. As sentient beings, we have wonderful backgrounds. These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent. Nevertheless, we have soil good enough to cultivate; we can plant anything in it.”
― Chögyam Trungpa

Je went to Mamet and Mei’s temple often and practiced the Gongyo of Nichiren daily.

Without the Gautamas, Je would have never survived the LA lifestyle at such a young age. Through the Gautamas, Je learned how to channel the negative energy, into positive, constructive energy.

Mei and Mamet were rumored to have been long distant relatives to Buddha. Either way, they channeled Buddha’s wisdom and passed it on to Je and Che.

Go Ask Alice Liddell

After a year of Pilar disappearing and reappearing, she made a final disappearing act. She changed her name and moved to New England. She went by Alice Ann Liddell, after the woman who inspired the character Alice, of Alice in Wonderland.

Pilar told the girls she had to leave because G.O.D was targeting her as a subject in the Ultimate Mind Control Project, MK-Ultra, led by the NASI. The NASI had programmed Pilar with the MK Ultra’s Alice and Wonderland programming.

The girls thought she was using conspiracy theory to justify leaving her family.

It turned out to be both an excuse and a reason.

Pilar had been close with the Disney set director for Alice and Wonderland, DeVestal. He had left Pilar many of the original drawings and memorabilia for the movie. So, observing Pilar surrounded by a theme of Alice in Wonderland didn’t spell out a covert mind control experiment gone awry.

Pilar had become obsessed with Alice in Wonderland after DeVestal’s death.

Je assumed her claim came from her guilt from leaving her children, along with mourning the loss of her dear friend.

It was not until many years later that Je would find out she had been telling the truth.

As it turns out, their family was involved in generations of eugenics and mind-control experiments, which were ordered and carried out by the NASI and G.O.D. in an entanglement that would manifest with the END.

Mendel Genetics and the Monarch

The divorced Southern Californian single-mother or lonely housewife was the perfect subject for mind control experimentation because they already appeared frazzled and a little crazy. Cloaking the side-effect of paranoia in addiction worked because drug-dependency was as familiar as a United States citizen in America. If a single mother went missing for a few hours or even for a few days, it would often go unnoticed. They were easy targets to access and manipulate.

As it turns out, Pilar was not the only Mendel that was part of NASI experimentation. All the Mendel’s had been part of a mind-control experiment, unbeknownst to any of them when it was occurring, which is the very nature of mind-control. The twins were part of the Monarch Project. A mind control eugenics experiment based on the idea that Monarch butterflies navigate in-depth genetic knowledge to migrate around the world with a short life cycle that would require multiple generations to span the distance of the migration pattern.

The twins became ideal targets for experimentation after their parents split. They were home alone for long durations. Pilar would be gone for days, sometimes weeks. They were rarely in school and unsupervised. They could disappear for days, and no one would know the difference. And, they had been part of a multi-generational eugenics experiment. The NASI targeted the twins because they were born to Albert and Pilar.

Ironically, both Je and Che had Monarch butterflies tattooed across their backs when they turned eighteen. Even then, they knew deep down inside, the truth that lied within their very being.

Je would come to learn that there are no coincidences in life.

Life is no more random than death is by design.

The subconscious feeds the conscious the truth, but the conscience can rationalize certain truths as irrational by being conditioned to do so.

Science Fiction Masks Conspiracy Theories as Negative Information

The creation of a conspiracy theory is a means to negate actual conspiracies as truth. Conspirators can make positive information negative, by putting it out as conspiracy theory before it catches on.

There is truth behind every story, such as the Stepford Wives, 1984, The Atlantis Gene, or even this one, cloaked in the cover of Science-Fiction. Maybe with a little drama added to a story, it can be used to tell the mass what is, is not.

Like the NAVY Captain/NASA Astronaut arrested after driving across the U.S in diapers eating freeze-dried space food in a kidnap attempt of her rival; an air force captain ironically named Shipman. Shipman was allegedly having an affair the astronaut’s astronaut boyfriend. While this very well could have been a legitimate story and not a ploy to ruin a woman’s life over knowledge of what is, was; it is not hard to make even the most intelligent and successful woman look like a diaper-wearing lunatic once it is smeared all over every primary news source.

If a scientist publishes science as Science-Fiction, most likely they couldn’t tell the story any other way.

West Coast Migration of the Monarch Twins

With Pilar somewhere between the Southwestern and Northeastern Coast of America, the family was completely split up.

Without Pilar around, the monarch Mendel twins migrated toward Crystal Cove to find their father, Albert. He was said to be playing in a beach band and living with a much younger girlfriend, Mary Ann Hamilton.

While the girls surprised their father showing up with a suitcase at one of his gigs, their father and his new girlfriend welcomed them with warm arms.

Mary Ann was beautiful and friendly. She had a huge smile, big blue eyes, and bleach blond hair. They did not want to like her. She was twenty years younger than their father and less than a decade older than the girls.

Mary Ann was twenty years younger than the twin’s parents but became twenty times more responsible for the girls. She looked after the girls and eventually won them over. The girls nicknamed her Ma, and she became a permanent mother figure in their life.

The twins had a hard time adjusting to their new life but loved the beach. Je would get lost for hours walking endlessly in the sand. She missed Mamet and Mei but took solace in her unique bond with Ma.

While Pilar’s stories about eugenics and mind control became the past, the twins would find wherever they went other conspiracies would follow, like alien abductions, covert governmental experimentation on twins, and secret projects of time-travel on the wings of Pegasus.

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