The King of California

From the Science Fiction series The VOX of SU’s SHELL

“The sovereign is called a tyrant who knows no laws but his caprice.” –Voltaire  

Political Ouroboros

Every generation has an overlapping ebb and flow of liberalism and conservatism. Historically, before the anti-Veritas Reich of the END, the rise and fall of political ideologies resembled a repeating hourglass.

As conservatism would strain social freedom, the public would lean toward liberalism. And as radicalism would regulate economic freedoms, a conservative counter-balance would succeed. Political synchronicity balanced public opinion across the United Nations before the SAD END War; which kept the countries from being volatile, at least against each other.

Radical liberalism persisted as non-revolutionary between World War II and World War III. However, the END rode social freedom and equality to the ass end of conservativism; creating a political ouroboros. The END played both political parties to AMEND America and create EDEN.

Freedom In Silico

During the AMEND, California had become radicalized and broke from America as a constitutional monarchy. After decades of over taxation, under regulation, and unilateralism, the State of California became ungovernable. Initially, political interest groups wanted to split the state, albeit remain within its sovereign country.

It was Silicon Valley’s venture capitalist Jack Cash who wanted to divide the state of California. He believed that breaking California into smaller states would force the newly formed state governments to be more responsive. Moreover, he claimed California would get more seats in the Senate, gaining political clout.

However, as climate change raged on, a significant section of the state was isolated from North America. As a result, it became an island both physically and politically. The cities included those encompassed within Silicon Valley to Los Angeles County. The great storm of the El Gran Hermano, the big brother of ‘El Nino’ ultimately created the divide.

It wasn’t a physical divide as much as it was an emergency state lacking the proper disaster relief from the Federal Government. As the U.S Government was too busy fighting within its’ government to govern, the Billionaires of Silicon Valley banded together to create a new nation from the wreckage.

Jack Cash, who built a neomonetary system of Bitcoin (the Silicoin) for the new country, became the King of California and renamed the country In Silico; derived from Silicon. However, the King’s reign was short-lived. The King of In Silico joined the globalization efforts of the END as the Silicoin became the New Global World Monetary system. In Silico remained intact under the END regime. Not as a constitutional monarchy but as an institute of the END.

All countries, states, and major cities conquered by the END became institutes that served their objectives; with the ultimate goal of globalizing and conquering the world. Both Hollywood and Silicon Valley were essential to the efforts of the END because they were the institutions that created the propagators and the agenda’s propaganda.

The History of Hollywood’s Political Ebb and Flow


Historically, Hollywood’s dramatic political ebb and flow, from communist propaganda to fascist control, stemmed from its use as a machine to control population behavior and movement.

California was not always a radical state. After the Great War, there was a series of scandals that painted Hollywood as immoral and self-indulgent. To prevent the federal government from imposing censorship guidelines on the motion picture studios, the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) recruited the chairman of the Republican National Committee and U.S Postmaster General, Will Hays, as an advisor. Hays created censorship and moral code of conduct guideline that became The Motion Picture Production Code.

Hays Code prevented stricter censorship from the federal government, by imposing self-governing codes within the industry. The code-of-conduct explicitly banned the portrayal of criminal activity or methodology, debauchery, and sexual pervasions or immorality. So it was not upheld for long. The code’s authority weakened after the movie “Some like it Hot,” a film about cross-dressing and homosexuality, had overwhelming success.

While the Hays Code put the kibosh on explicit cinematic content by prompting self-censorship, by the time of the Cold War, censorship fell from sex and crime to fascism and communism. Being a communist sympathizer became frowned upon and considered “Un-American.” The House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, was organized to investigate disloyal and subversive activities of private citizens, especially those suspected of having fascist or communist ties. It initially sought to prove a link between communists and the Roosevelt’s New Deal.

The New Deal was an economic relief program administered by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression. The program granted the National Recovery Administration (NRA) authority to revolutionize industrial codes of conduct to create “fair practices” for wages, hours, child labor, bargaining, and trade. The New Deal also reorganized America’s financial hierarchy and The Federal Reserve System.

After Roosevelt had released a series of Cold War pro-USSR propaganda films depicting Russia and Stalin as allies against the Nazis, HUAC issued a report against communists in Hollywood. So once again Hollywood was pressured to impose censorship guidelines to avoid federal government intervention.

Hollywood Communist sympathizers were investigated by HUAC, while the conservative Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals provided HUAC with intel about subversives. Jack Warner, Gary Cooper, and Ronald Reagan were among those who supplied the FBI inside Hollywood information about liberal content within scripts.

During the “Red Scare” and before becoming the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan provided names of Hollywood writers suspected to be communists as a secret FBI informant (code name T-10). The alleged Hollywood communists became known as “The Hollywood 10” by the FBI. The post-Cold War communist inquisition had a significant influence on the transformation of Regan’s career from actor to a political leader.

It was President Ronald Reagan who gave a unilateral executive order that delivered U.S. intelligence agencies broad authority to spy on American companies with foreign relationships. From the globalization of the internet [from SIPNet to NIPRNet to GNET] came the political support for the biggest spy operation in the world: G.O.D.

Albeit G.O.D begat the global internet.

Bursting the Californian Political Bubble


“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” –Jesus; Mark 3:25

Bloating the state from rhetoric from both liberal and conservative parties, made it easy to burst the political bubble. Once California broke free from sovereignty, it was easy to split the rest of the country.

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