The Great Northwest Coast

Just above the waves that break on the Great Northwest coast;
Trees grow higher than the mountain tops where it rains the most.

Water bathes the sky to clear the endless star-filled night;
Dropping into the bodies below that reflect the infinite light.

A distant road to travel yet familiar with all in tow;
The same time it takes the sun to come and the moon to go.

From the pink morning haze where the Angels get lost in smog;
Slowly through the grapevine towards the mountain fog.

The traffic changes with the scenery passed along the way
From slow to stop,
From stop to go,
A castle,
A morro,
A bay

As the distance behind in travel becomes greater than what remains;
Time appears to move slower and slower even in speedily gains.

There are significant points that remind us why a road is worth the travel;
Such as an olive branch at a deli ranch, or an ending road that begins with gravel.
Even when time stands still and two points remain apart;
The time it takes for roadless travel is what you give in heart.

Time needs rhythm to feel life while it is in motion;
Distance needs a tempo for a pace to have a notion.

Anticipation sets the tone for energies to get excited;
Acceptance sets the volume for what has already been decided.

Where the pavement ends and the gravel begins;
The dirt road lined with mile-marked pins.
Up the hill, down the hill, with a gentle roll;
Just past the park and the ol’ swimming hole.

The final turn around the bend is accompanied with the familiar burst;
From the weary mouths, the young travelers cry “I see the red barn first.”

The only hustle and bustle of busy-ness Is the business of the bees;
And the grass beneath the grazers grazing in the coastal breeze.

The sounds of the cricking crickets are heard along the creek;
And the humming of the hummers hum through a nectar filled beak.

Catching crawdads and salamanders by the riverside;
Seeking through the fields for those that like to hide.

In the calm of the tall grass time is irrelevant until it is time to go;
The drive back is quicker, going back to the faster life we know.

About Dr. Mason 24 Articles
Dr. Mason is a scientist and writer with a Ph.D in Biology with a focus in Bioengineering and training in human clinical research. As a researcher she studied regenerative medicine and cell developmental biology. She is a published author of many academic and textbook articles, and writes science-fiction. She has been serving as the Chief Science Officer at Info Surf Consulting since 2018.

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