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From The VOX of SU's SHELL

From the Science-Fiction series, The VOX of SU’s SHELL

“Any man or institution that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose.” — Nelson Mandela


One can only know the true meaning of being institutionalized until they leave the institution that brought about their institutionalization.

As an academic, Dr. Sus failed to see how she contributed to her standardized way of thinking. As a scientist, she was taught for many years how to identify bias, but scientists are human, and humans are biased.

A Scientist must sing for their supper.

The song of a scientist is presented to grant funders and awarded before it becomes public knowledge. If science were the music industry, the Grammy Awards would be a private event closed to the public and wouldn’t get televised for 5-10 years after the fact.

The song of the scientist: 

I need grant funding the scientist pleas,

to the panel of grantors, while down on their knees. 

My research can be connected to a cure for disease, 

just read between the lines of my grant if you please. 

The experimentation outlined here is already done, 

it is my next study that this grant will fund. 

While I can admit my newest study is not even related, 

the way we publish research is clearly outdated. 

Life is Not a Model

Je was much better with scientific theory than practicing science.

Science is messy; such is life.

Biology is the study of life, so it is messy.

Theories are isolated.

Life is not.

Scientists based theories on model circumstances, and life is rarely ideal, and never isolated.

Scientists often extrapolate isolated systems modeled to a multi-verse system. Even with 95% confidence in experimental data, it is hard, to sum up, biological phenomena observed in experimentation and hold it true to life. That is why there very few scientific laws created from theory.

Theories are often refuted, debunked and replaced before they catch on. The Universe doesn’t just encompass multiple systems within systems. It is made up of parts of parts, entities of entities, and strings of strings that tie everything to existence. The universe is scaled infinitely and breaks down into unobservable infinitesimal pieces.

All of existence, from the macro-world to the micro-world, is dynamically transforming.

Life is in constant motion, it never stops.

It is infinitely expanding in all directions.

It will continue to expand until infinite possibilities for expansion is reached, or until the sands of time runs out on all existence.

The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” only applies if you stop teaching your old dog new tricks — life changes. Life evolves. If you are alive and not changing, then you are not living.

The only thing constant in life is that it is continuously transforming.

Life evolves within and across generations.

We individually and collectively evolve.

Life is designed to change. It was created to survive with transformation, not perish. Whether or not science can prove that life came from a big bang, it cannot explain the originating power behind a big theoretical boom. That is not to say, that life did not come into existence by the “Big Bang”; there is just a minimal chance that humans will ever be able to scientifically prove, without a shadow of a doubt, the origins of life.

That is why so many people depend on faith to deal with the fact that we don’t know where we came from and why we are all here on this Earth.

In isolation, matter breaks down chaotically; but we exist in chaotic order. There is a beginning and ending for everything.

Granted no system in life represents a system studied in isolation, because no system is in real isolation, accept the Universe in its entirety (the sum of all universes); which has no bounds.

Take for example the Earth, which is inhabited by humans that practice mass production and consumerism. Humans harvest energy from the depths of Earth to transform matter. Most of the energy used to convert the spatial planes of  Earth stay within the atmosphere. The Earth is a partially closed system.

The energy radiating within the Earth’s biosphere transforms space within the confines of the Earth’s atmosphere. Any energy that manages to escape the atmosphere gets used by the rest of the Universe; albeit may come back as a cosmic storm.

The space-time continuum is managed energetically, throughout existence. How one system, entity or life, influences another depends on the energetic cost of the entire system.

In the Interest of Special Interest Groups

When things don’t work out in one’s favor, it is because it is not energetically favorable for the Universe. It is self-righteous for any one part of a whole to assume more importance than any other part of the same whole. All Life Matters. Moreover, it is what we do with life and physical matter that matters.

That is not to say that a special interest group like Black Lives Matter, negates how all other lives matter.

Special interest groups have an invested interest in a particular group for a specific reason.

If there is a special interest group for conserving a species, such as The Wild Turkey Foundation (WTF) for the conservation of Wild Turkey’s, it does not mean that it supports the extinction of other endangered species over the preservation of wild turkey.

Granted I am not sure if the argument could be the same for White Supremacy Groups, as the subject states its purpose is to negate all other races by supremacy. Wherein, whites are assumed to be the supreme race by the interest of White Supremacy Groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), The Order, or the Nazi’s. In the latter circumstance, purification of a race would be negating all other ethnicities.

However, the personal interest of say, the Nazi’s would act within the Nazi party; albeit they are only a small fraction of the rest of the Universe held together as a group working as a whole.

The genocide of the Jewish race was not beneficial for the rest of the World. Thus, the purification of the world from Jews was not successful.

All parts of a whole and all parts of a piece are equally crucial for how the system transforms and thrives.

All Parts of a Whole Make a System Move

Life has a way of demonstrating how one small part of life can affect all others. Individual bodies should never “assume” supremacy over other individuals within a collective organization that is part of the same mechanism that moves life.

That is not to say that there are not some parts of life that do not work to move other components; the danger is in the assumption.

Take the well-documented story of the dodo bird of Mauritius or Didus ineptus. The dodo bird became extinct as explorers began to populate the island of Mauritius. The extinction of the Dodo was in part due to its exploitation for the game, as well as the introduction of new species as the island forests of Mauritius were converted into tea and sugar plantations. As it turns out, the dodo bird was essential for the cultivation of indigenous trees of the forest. Dodos would eat the fruits that would fall from the Mauritius trees, and through the digestion track of the Dodo, the seeds would germinate. Without the dodos, the forest ceased to grow. The ebb of the dodo led to the decline of trees, which lead to a further decrease of dodos, thus ebbing of more forest.

Eventually, the Mauritius forest would cease to exist as the Dodo bird.

Whether or not the sailors that colonized the Mauritius forest cultivated the indigenous land for tea or mass production of cocaine, the dodo birds went extinct because they were hunted for game and had less fruit to seed the forest with more crop. Thus, the trees ceased to come to fruition.

The dogma of life requires multiple systems to stay infinite; which is why the conservation of each system is essential when each order relies on another.

Homeostasis is what keeps the chaos of life in order.

When Life Gets Ill, it is Out of Balance.

In medicine, if a patient is sick, either the body or environment is to blame. Usually, it is both. In many cases, it is the patients’ unwillingness to change the way they care for their bodies and their environments.

Take for example the obesity pandemic caused by the consumer practices of Western Civilization. The mass production of food feeds the mass consumption of food. Mass production of bad food supplies the mass consumption of bad food, which feeds the mass production of more bad food.

Consumerism is a machine fed by consumers. Producers rely on consumers for sustainability. If products get consumed, production is sustainable. How can a producer feel wrong about their product if it is good enough to utilize? And sustainably so.

Regulation only serves to regulate those that can’t afford to self-regulate. Why would a producer want to restrict or limit production, when there are plenty of consumers consuming the product?

Civilization is content with the mass consumption of modern-day convenience; even though it’s known that the process is energetically depleting the future and the following generations will be stuck paying the bill.

Symptoms are a sign that homeostatic balance is out of order. Taking a drug to move the direction of homeostasis often causes a different manifestation, which is considered a side-effect. Many diseases of Western Civilization are side-effects of Western Civilization.

If an obese person becomes obese from the mass consumption of Slurpees or soda, the side-effect is insulin-resistance or diabetes mellitus.

While Slurpee Syndrome and Soda Sickness are not widely accepted disease states, their symptoms closely resemble diseases that are well-known, such as alcoholism.

While many diseases do not have cures, these do.



Put down the Slurpee.

Put down the soda.


Trying to fix the side-effect with anything other than removing the cause will cause another shift in the wrong direction.

If an obese Slurpee drinking diabetic forgoes the freewill to limit their trips to 711 and takes metformin instead, the new side-effect is a metabolic disorder that leads to ketoacidosis and possibly imminent brain death by a diabetic coma.

Je would think “One for One evolution,” but another part of her would think “sheep that do not know they are being herded in the wrong direction, just need a push in the right direction.”

However, the latter is rarely the case. In general, many people know what is wrong with them, they just don’t care until it is too late.

When it comes down to brass tax, as individuals, we can’t expect anyone to fix what we can correct ourselves.

The solution should come from the patients resolve to stop drinking Slurpees, instead of taking a drug that allows them to think they can drink more Slurpees.

Knowing you can’t fix those who are not willing to help themselves made it particularly hard for Je to stay motivated in medical research.

That isn’t to say all patients are sick Slurpee drinking dogs, too old or not smart enough to learn new tricks. It just means there is a mass of people who are not practicing the free will to be healthy. And, there are not enough doctors who are willing to sit down patiently with their patients and practice the real art of medicine, which is to educate their patients on how to heal.

Self-Governing Drug Lords

Medical practice is pushed by “Big-Pharma.”

In a sense, doctors have become glorified drug pushers for pharmaceutical drug lords.

With all the regulation pushed in the hub of Western Civilization, how do pharmaceutical companies escape Government control?


Big-pharma is lucrative. The most prominent pharmaceutical companies do not have to be (as) regulated; they are financial powerhouses with the power to govern themselves and control others. They do this by lobbying. Pharmaceutical companies will financially back an initiative that is favorable for the production and consumption of their product.

When production powerhouses have too much power behind their production and continue to push harmful products, it is up to consumers to regulate the consumption of dangerous products by pushing back.

Some rare patients live healthy lives and get cancer or other deadly diseases. And it always seems to happen to the “best of us.”

That is a side effect of living in a society that collectively makes terrible choices for the environment.

That is life, and life is messy.

If more people thought of the future as the neighbor of the present, maybe they would stop shitting on its lawn. – Dr. Mary J. Sus

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