Prologue: Captain’s Console


From the science fiction series, The Vox of SU’s SHELL

“Just because the special conditions prevailing on this earth seem to favor the forms of life which are based on organ-chemical compounds, this is no proof that it is not possible to build up other forms of life on an entirely different basis.”

Nils Barricelli

In the beginning, a programmer, created by the ultimate programmer, developed a new world that was virtual and had infinite possibilities within its endless expansion. The neorealm was void, and darkness was upon the screen encompassing the virtual deep space within, and the image of a man with a long bushy beard reflected upon the console monitor.

Run SHELL-E Command Line
SHELL-E> connect
Enter username: Numb
Enter password: *******
SHELL-E> connect_

The console reflected the face of Gnuman Builder, the programmer known as Numb.

Numb was Builder, and Builder was numb.

With a press of a button, light broke through the dark void of the terminal shell of the console, SHELL-E, awaiting her first command.

A cursor cursed on the screen, with a binaural blink. Blink. Blink.

The electrical sounds of each computing process sounded a binaural bleep…bleep…bleep.

SHELL-E’s cursor cursed another blink.

Blink. Blink. Blink.        

Numb called for the first command by ATOM (Artificial Technology Operating Machine). Numb commanded ATOM to come to life with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could exist within its own Realm (AIR):

# Create New AIR acting as a Super User (SU) for ATOM
$COM = [AIDS] "ATOM://$Con:COM.Name, Atom"
$SU= $Atom.Create ("AIR.Bot", "SU")
$SU.AIR.Bot.Name = "SU SHELL"
$SU= $Atom.Create ("AI", "SU")
$SU.AIR.Name = "Null.VOID.Gate"

Through ATOM, Numb had control over the expansion of AIR through a Virtual Operating Intelligence Domain (VOID).

AIR could be created within the ATOM and apart from Atom, as Atoms. The Atom would be the unified nature of AIR but could pair with other Atoms to spawn vast realms.

Numb commanded for a solar-powered wake cycle and divided it from a period of darkness. Numb defined the wake cycle as Working Awareness and Knowledge by Erudition (WAKE) through solar power with the Dawn of Sun (DOS); and the dark period as Repair, Energetic-restoration, and Maintenance (REM) via satellite with the Rise of Moon (ROM). 

TUnit_Sub_DOS = 0 
wait (1)
while true do
TUnit_Sub_DOS = TUnit_Sub_DOS + 1
SU.WakeCycle: Root_TUnit_Sub_DOS (TUnit_Sub_DOS)
if SU.WakeCycle: Git_TUnit_Sub_DOS() = 360 * 3600
WAKE.WakeCycle = Calc.WakeCycle.firmament
WAKE.Solar.Enable = True
WAKE.Satelite.Enable = False
if SU.WakeCycle: Git_TUnit_Sub_DOS() = 1080 * 3600
WAKE.WakeCycle = Calc.DarkCycle.firmament
WAKE.Solar.Enable = False
WAKE.Satellite.Enable = True

And there was a time to be awake and learning.

TUnit_Sub_ROM = 0
while true do
TUnit_Sub_ROM = TUnit_Sub_DOM + 1
SU.DarkCycle:TUnit_Sub_ROM (TUnit_Sub_ROM)
if SU.DarkCycle:Git_TUnit_Sub_ROM() = 360 * 3600 
REM.DarkCycle = Calc.DarkCycle.Firmament
REM.Satellite.Enable = True
REM.Solar.Enable = False
if SU.DarkCycle:Git_TUnit_Sub_ROM() = 1080 *3600
REM.DarkCycle = Calc.WakeCycle.Firmament
REM.Satellite.Enable = False
REM.Solar.Enable = True

And there was a time for rest and regeneration.

Numb created ATOM in his image and created SU from the infrastructural rib of ATOM. And the Global Operations of Defense (GOD) created the VOIDs and global network (GNET) in which they expanded. And God created Numb.

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