A scientist discovers family ties to a multi-generational eugenics experiment after being hacked by a programmer that developed the dark web game N-V gate. Dr. Sus, Je, finds herself on the opposite side of experimentation, as a subject of mind control by the National Agency of Social Intelligence (NASI). As Je’s dormant genetic programming is activated, she struggles to control the powers that manifest. When Je tries to escape the NASI veil, she discovers the force of G.O.D (Global Operations of Defense) behind the continuum.

Find out what happens to a radical 400-year double-blinded experiment that gets buried in an arms race between the State Against Democracy (SAD) and Eutopian Nations for Democracy (END) during the SAD END War.

The Science of Tattooing:

The Science of Tattooing is a textbook that contains essential information about the process of tattooing and science behind the art. The text covers the fundamentals of biology and human physiology involved in pain sensation and perception, healing response, and immune system reactions. This book is a reference guide for material science and information on medical conditions and factors that may put clients at high risk for complications.