The Latchkey Kids of New England

From the Science-Fiction series, The VOX of SU’s SHELL

“Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.” – William Golding, Lord of the Flies

Numb was a latchkey kid from Massachusetts. He came from a wealthy New England family with old money. While there was plenty of people in his home, they were rarely his parents. Servants and private tutors raised him but spent most of his time unsupervised.

While many Latchkey Kids of the West were known for a quick upbringing of drugs, alcohol, sex and rock and roll, Latchkey Kids of the East created racquets.

Even with all the family money in the world, rich Latchkey Kids of the East often made their own money by racketeering.

Numb’s demonstrated his genius early on. He typed his first word as a command and created his first program before he could walk.

His father, Richard Builder Sr., was a professor and scientist at MIT that worked in the Servo Mechanisms Laboratory on Project Whirlwind. His mother was born into a wealthy and prominent New England Family, but suffered from mental illness and drug addiction and died from an overdose before Numb turned five.

Even though he came from a wealthy privileged family, Numb did not live a charming life as a child. He spent most of his time in the mansion’s basement where he set up a server room dedicated to gaming.

He was antisocial, so he had few friends.

Most of his interactions were purely transactions.

Instead of engaging in latchkey kid parties, he created computer games for latchkey’s who partied.

Numb created a series of games that were unique to each person who paid him to program them, but they all had a common theme: predatory gang stalking.

Numb’s games would allow players to design their role and choose the fate of their targets. Individuals targeted did not play voluntarily and would rarely know they were in the game until it was too late. By the time a TOI would realize they were in one of Numb’s game, their life would be flipped upside down.

Kids that played the Numb’s games had a personal vendetta against the target, or they were just sociopathic. Usually both.

The earliest version of Numb’s gang stalking game was like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.” Only it was the Carmen Sandiego’s V.I.L.E (Villain’s International League of Evil) that did the spying and gamers that played out the game by Stalking TOIs through an Anonymous Network (STANs). Numb had a handful of friends he played Dungeon & Dragons (D & D) with that played the role of the V.I.L.E. The V.I.L.E would spy and gather information on prospective TOIs. Numb was like the Dungeon Master (DM) for the game, programming missions based on the information brought back by the V.I.L.E during reconnaissance missions.

Just like a DM in D & D, Numb would create a storyline only it would include objectives for STANs to complete. The completion of each mission would lead to a greater evil unleashed upon a TOI. A STAN had to either achieve their goals or pay Numb more money to move on to their next directive.

STANs would log on to Numb’s private server to get their missions, which would include the location of TOIs and various gang stalking tactics they would have to follow to provoke a specific response. The game would evolve based on both the reactions of the TOIs and the STANs, which were observed by the V.I.L.E.; Numb would update the game as it pursued.

Numb was fascinated by the level of terror he could get a STAN to inflict on a TOI. It was the STAN’s that would choose a target and pay to play the game, but it was always Numb who took the game too far.

Numb would always see the game through until the end unless the player stopped playing or paying, or the TOI committed suicide.

Suicide rates drastically increased in New England in the late ’80s and ’90s because of Numb’s games.

One did not want to cross a Latchkey Kid of the East with money, vengeance, and a connection to Numb.

The kids that became TOIs would have to change schools, move, or kill themselves to escape Numb’s torture.

Some of the victims would opt to be sent off to boarding school or military school over sticking around to be further subjected to STAN gang-stalking, but most TOIs killed themselves.

Eventually, these games became what the virtual underground called N-V Gate because the TOIs they targeted became Null & Void.

N-V Gate was a virtual reality role-playing dark web game (VR-RPG) that used a Geographical Information System (GIS) and A.I for automating TOI mapping, tracking, information gathering, and organizing gang-stalking. Numb’s new system gathered and analyzed the location and personal information from both the STANs and the TOIs to create new objectives.

Kids left to their governing cries, will govern like Lord of the Flies. – Dr. Mary J. Sus

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