Friends that Don’t Share Play Alone

By Dr. Sus

No one likes a selfish friend or friends that always cry.

No one likes a tattle tell or friends that always lie.

No one likes a bossy friend or friends that always yell.

No one likes a friend that brags with tales too tall to tell.

No one likes a pouty friend or friends that always wine.

No one likes a greedy friend that grabs and shouts “that’s mine.”

No one likes a snobby friend that acts above all others.

No one likes a bully that teases little sisters and brothers.

No one likes to be insulted by friends that are being rude.

No one likes an angry friend, quick to start a feud.

No one likes a grumpy friend or friends that never smile.

No one likes a lazy friend without efforts that are worthwhile.

No one likes a sneaky friend or friends that always cheat.

No one likes a dishonest friend who’s always full of deceit.

No one likes a friend who’s always in a bad mood,

or play with sore losers with a lousy attitude.

Friends are honest and caring, and don’t cry when they don’t get their way.

Friends are helpful and sharing, and take turns while they fairly play.

So if you find your self without a friend after you have grown,

Remember that your momma said, “friends that don’t share play alone.”

About Dr. Mason 22 Articles
Dr. Mason is a scientist and writer with a Ph.D in Biology with a focus in Bioengineering and training in human clinical research. As a researcher she studied regenerative medicine and cell developmental biology. She is a published author of many academic and textbook articles, and writes science-fiction. She has been serving as the Chief Science Officer at Info Surf Consulting since 2018.

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