Dr. Cruila Devilic: The Scientist Fur Trader from Dalmatia

From the science fiction series, the VOX of SU’s SHELL

Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism. —Vladimir Lenin

Research & Development Ouroboros

Cruila Devilic was once a doctor in The Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Out of 190 countries, Myanmar was ranked 190 for the quality of healthcare. That is, on a scale of 1 to 190, with 190 being the worst, and one being the best, Myanmar was as bad as it gets. Historically, the country also ranked as one of the most corrupt places to do business in terms of the Corruption Perception Index, being in the top 10% for most corrupt countries in the world.

Dr. Devilic began her practice in Croatia but was arrested and blacklisted for taking bribes from pharmaceutical companies during a USKOK anti-corruption operation, code-named Hippocratus, against pharmaceutical malpractice in Eastern Europe.

Black-listed from Eastern Europe, Cruila had few options to continue her medical career, so she migrated to Myanmar. The Myanmar Ministry of Health had relaxed more than 70% of the medical regulations to make it easier for medical professionals to practice in the country, which included a lift on blacklisted doctors. Myanmar’s laxed anti-corruption laws against bribery and medical regulations made it easy for Cruila to continue her malpractice under the same moniker.

Dr. Devilic took a position at an infectious disease clinic that primarily treated HIV and tuberculosis (TB) patients. It became common practice for Cruila to accept bribes from pharmaceutical companies to push specific HIV and TB prescriptions. She would then turn around and sell the same pharmaceutical companies patient information, such as disease progression and outcomes, for clinical research studies on drug-resistance — a practice in medical research that followed the paradigm of Ouroboros.

Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian illustration found in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld that depicts two serpents holding their tails in their mouths while coiling around an enormous god.

Cruila pushed drugs until patients reached pathogen resistance, which fed the need to create a new drug, continuing the cycle. Pharmaceutical companies were pushing drugs through doctors like Dr. Devilic, so they could eat the tail end of research and development (R&D), which coiled around a drug cartel.

Pharmaceutical Ouroboros

Cruilla was born in the Independent State of Croatia, in the region once known as Dalmatia, to a family of fur traders that bred the Canis lupus familiaris commonly known as the Dalmatian.

Cruila’s father, Dr. Surov Vragic, was a canine geneticist that studied breed purification. Dr. Vragic was so successful with his purification tactics in dog breeding that he was called upon by the Nazi Chancellor, Adolph Hitler, to assist in finding a guard dog breed for the Third Reich.

Impressed with Dr. Vragic’s knowledge on genetic purification, the Fuhrer looked to him to help outline a “Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.” The law required doctors and institutions to report patients or individuals that displayed genetic maladies, such as deformities, mental illness or retardation, genetic diseases, blindness or deafness, or any other debilitating affliction that could deem a person “unfit.” That way “undesirable” individuals could be identified and sterilized to eliminate any chance of their inferior genetics being passed on to the next generation.

Based on Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection, the Nazi eugenics program pushed artificial selection by controlling who could reproduce.

Surov played a significant role in the Ustasha Revolutionary movement that sought to purify Croatia from Serbs, Jews, Romani people (Gypsies or Roma), and other political disrupters that were anti-fascist, which created the Independent State of Croatia. However, The Independent State of Croatia also resulted from “Fuhrer Directive No. 25”. The Invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers (Rome, Berlin, and Japan) allowed the Ustase to rule as the Independent State of Croatia, albeit as a Nazi puppet state.

As a Nazi puppet and devote Ustase (Ustasha; Ustasche) activist, Surov gave up some of his Dalmatia farmland for the establishment of the Jasenovac Extermination Camp, also known as “the Auschwitz of the Balkans.” The atrocities committed at Jasenovac were so horrific, even the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel) found the way the Ustase treated their victims as barbaric and referred to the Croatian concentration camp as “Dante’s Inferno.”

During World War II, the Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and anti-fascist political disrupters, were not just exterminated, but sadistically experimented on, including children and babies.

As a young girl, Surov took Cruila to visit the “Shelter for Children Refugees” Sisak children’s concentration camp, which was a part of Jasenovac that included the Sisters of St. Vincent nunnery. It was a lesson that left her with a lasting impression. Her father took her to observe “medical breakthroughs” through the Teslic glasshouse, which held quarantined children ill with “inferior” genetics that made them susceptible to disease. The kids were naked and emaciated, laying on the cold hard floor, too weak to move. She watched nuns hand out cups to some of the children and asked her dad what they were drinking. He told her it was “caustic soda for the treatment of inferiority.”

Nazi medical experimentation was not limited to the advancement of race and fascism but encompassed pharmaceutical research & development (R&D) for injuries and illness encountered by Axis militia in the camps.

I.G. Farben, a German chemical-pharmaceutical conglomerate formed by a merger that included Bayer, actively participated in Nazi-led experimentation; and in return, the Nazi’s contributed to pharmaceutical R&D.

Cruila’s visit to the children of the concentration camp was the first time she observed the paradigm of Pharmaceutical research Ouroboros. Little did she know she would be taking part in the same phenomena years later, as a doctor.

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