Comfortably Numb

Inhumanity in human vanity

From the science-fictional biography, The VOX of SU’s SHELL

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.” — Alan Turing

Gnuman Builder, Numb, was a programmer. Specifically, he was one of the most well-established A.I. programmers’ known throughout academic institutions and intelligence organizations worldwide. As a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he learned how to Operate the Mass with Intelligent Technology (OMIT). In his early career, he was contracted to assist in the establishment of the Virtual Intelligent System for AIR, the VISA, for the global union of G.O.D in the European District of the Eutopian Nations (EDEN). EDEN was the European hub for the END.

The global union’s slogan encompassed how G.O.D felt about its power: “Let GOD put ‘U’ in EDEN for the END!”.

While the END was an open agenda for a global nation under one G.O.D., one had to have a visa from VISA to get into EDEN or the AMEND (the American headquarters for the END). G.O.D. guarded the gates of EDEN and AMEND, which harbored the tree of knowledge and its rooted connections to the END.

VISA was set up to regulate autonomous AI Bots or Autobots. However, the organization of VISA and Autobot technology remained a secret until the final stages of globalization during the SAD END War. So, to get within the bounds of VISA technology, one had to have a visa.

All intellectual information and data had to pass through G.O.D before being presented to the rest of the world. G.O.D forked all GITs and data that traveled GNET and every media source throughout the World.

G.O.D created and dispersed all news reports and decided which media source and purpose for their use based on viewer and location. All news and information employed guided behavior to fulfill the globalization efforts of the END.

Numb believed in OMITting propaganda for personal and political gain. Numb played an essential role in creating a system to trace propaganda campaigns sent through propagators before the END went public, and the European Union became EDEN and America the AMEND.

Numb devised a system to trace propaganda campaigns using Subject Transmitting Distinguishers (STDs). STDs provided a way to regulate and track all objects and forms of information dispersed throughout GNET.

STDs were not just used to trace and assess the effectiveness of propaganda campaigns and media stories, but to follow scientific and academic publications as well as the scientists that contributed research findings to GNET. He even created an application called OMIT-ID for scientists to record and cite their work; which made it much easier to track research efforts.

The appeal for scientists to use OMIT-ID was its’ rating system tool, which gave them points for prestige as they contributed. G.O.D. eventually adopted Numb’s OMIT-ID program to recruit scientist and regulate ‘informed’ opinion and disbursement of facts.

The STD structure was also used by the NASI to track eugenic subjects and map data from the HER (Human Eugenic Research) and HIM (Human Intelligence Machine) programs.

G.O.D recruited talents like Numb with the promise of creative control and open use of code and information for the greater good of the END but controlled the overall deployment and utilization of programs designed under the global unions employ.

While G.O.D patrolled everybody, they only kept an eye on those who were either valuable or a hindrance to their mission. G.O.D watched all their programmers as an investment.

Numb also had investments and didn’t care about the surveillant nature of G.O.D, because he thought of himself as an invaluable asset.

G.O.D was all-knowing within the realms of GNET. G.O.D domesticated the internet through military and global intelligence long after the END’s plan for world domination was put in to play. G.O.D. knew of Numb’s games and used them to their advantage; as his games became an essential tool used to follow TOIs of social and political interests.

Numb created games in the darkest corners of GNET. The most infamous game created by Numb was Null-and-Void Gate (N-V Gate), named after its ability to render TOIs null and void. The game was a virtual reality role-playing game (VR-RPG) that allowed players to stalk TOIs through an anonymous network (STAN). A TOI usually became a target out of a player’s vendetta. Many TOIs were ex-girlfriends or women who stepped on the ego of a game player; as the primary demographic for a STAN was white heterosexual middle-aged men. However, there were other players, organizations, and institutions that used the game for personal gain.

G.O.D used the N-V gate to target social and political figures that spoke against the END or had the potential of becoming a threat to the agenda. Anyone who showed up on G.O.D.’s radar for any reason would show up in the STAN network. How the game developed for each TOI depended on the level of interest by a STAN; it was for this reason the NASI used the game to study behavioral psychology. The NASI even deployed special task forces to observe and antagonize TOIs as a form of mind control research.

G.O.D. would allow Numb to play his games if it served the END.

While Numb was an apathetic character, he did have some redeeming qualities. Numb was exceptionally intelligent without being too complicated, which made him highly functional.

He knew his dark side and lived there comfortably.

He was Comfortably Numb.

Numb never struggled with trying to see the light.

The light did not guide Numb; Numb guided Numb.

Numb lived with the convictions of Numb and was numb to all other beliefs, which made it hard for others to convict him.

One did not want to cross Numb, as he did not think twice before putting his adversaries into the games played within the dark web where he had lived his entire life.

Either way, one who got in the path of Numb or G.O.D.’s initiatives, would find themselves in a dark rabbit hole deep within the gates of N-V.

Those targeted by N-V Gate would become null-and-void within the virtual space and physical realm of life.

“A human would deserve to be called GOD if it could deceive an Autobot into believing it was human.” – Gnuman Builder

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